Jon Rogers helps eventer Sarah build 5 yr old Finn's confidence cross country

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5 yr old Finn is aiming at BE 80 with eventer Sarah. The aim of the session with trainer Jon Rogers is to build his confidence cross country by incorporating the Scale of Training into the work. In the warm-up, Finn must learn to balance his canter on the sloping ground while Sarah must "sit up, look up and ride up" travelling uphill and "ride forwards" going downhill. As Finn is keen, Jon asks Sarah to think of the logs they start with as canter poles, to take the speed out of the equation. Canter-trot-canter transitions also help to get his attention. Moving on to technical questions such as ditches and a water complex, Jon puts the building blocks together carefully to ensure Finn remains confident.


Rosieone 14 Mar 2017 What a lovely lesson and the last time into the water demonstrated their success .

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