Peggy Cummings works in-hand in preparation for riding Molly who is anxious

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American posture coach Peggy Cummings works with 15 yr old riding school cob Molly who is anxious. In an unfamiliar arena, her head is high, she is locked onto the forehand and her attention is outside. Peggy works in-hand to create a weight bearing posture for riding and to get Molly's focus, "In hand work allows me to assess the body language the horse presents on the day and asses how best to work with it" says Peggy. Using a variety of methods such as combing the lead rope to encourage a lower neck, using a 'wand' to make Molly aware of her front legs and also to create a boundary and 'sculpting' parts of the body to encourage softness, the mare eventually drops her neck and relaxes.


katherine 6 Mar 2017 It is wonderful watching Peggy working with Molly; so respectful and considerate and always aiming to improve the horse's comfort. Everything she does encourages Molly find more efficient ways to function.
Rosieone 6 Mar 2017 So effective and makes complete sense. Loved it.
Amme 5 Mar 2017 I love Peggy's work and watching the horses change so much!

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