Peggy Cummings teaches Molly the weight bearing posture to carry a rider

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Following on from ground work in a previous video, American posture coach Peggy Cummings transfers the learning to ridden work with cob mare Molly, who likes to raise her head and hollow her back. On the ground, Peggy taught Molly to lower her neck, raise her back and bend. "If the head comes up, then the stride in the back legs will be shorter" says Peggy. Starting with small circles in walk, Peggy asks the mare to step under with her inside hind which encourages her to lower her head. "I sit in neutral pelvis to help the Molly relax and rotate my upper body to encourage softness" she adds. To aid the transition into trot, Molly must be able to move into and out of a circle in a relaxed way, so the hind legs can push.


Rosieone 11 Apr 2017 Very interesting how Peggy rotates her upper body and elicited a response in Molly. I will try this with my horse. Thank you.

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