Maria Eilberg & Two Sox work on suppleness

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Two Sox (Eddy) has been at Grand Prix for 5 years. He was travelling reserve for the Olympics and British National Champion '08. Eddy knows all the moves so Maria spends time at home 'keeping his mind and body happy'. A typical session is largely stretching which Maria demonstrates masterfully! Working on the buckle end, 'the professor' shows a complete understanding of the stretch, which takes years to achieve. With transitions, Two Sox begins to swing through the back. Maria then shows a few moves. "It's amazing that a horse with plain movement can, through his personality and correct training, become extraordinary", she says.


Madelinski 25 Apr 2015 I keep coming back to these wonderful lessons and keep learning from them!
Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 13 Oct 2014 There are many that incorporate this principle. You will have to watch them though as I don't think you will find specific ones using the word 'stretch' on the video search.
MaryMac 13 Oct 2014 What a beautiful video! What would be a good video on here to show a horse working towards that stretch? Is there one to help demonstrate the learning process for horse and/or rider? Thank you!
akcpollard 13 Oct 2013 Anyone still confused about the difference between long, low and round and rollkur only need watch this video. Beautiful.
markjnichols 20 Mar 2013 Really enjoyed this informative video, nice to see a horse working at home in a relaxed stretched outline. Shame it took me so long to find it..

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