Edward Gal and Totilas, dressage superstars!

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This has 'wow' factor! Edward Gal and the astonishing Totilas set a new world record in the Kur at the Hickstead Dressage Masters '09. Edward is the golden boy of dressage having won the Dutch National Championships, beating his trainer Anky to the number 1 position in Holland. Having triumphed in the Grand Prix the day before, Edward talks to Fiona Price about Toto's amazing movement and temperament (he's known as the "horse from another planet!"), riding his father Gribaldi and selling World Cup winner Ravel to America. We are privy to Edward's warm-up, glimpse his test, and Fiona gets his reaction afterwards as well!


Flossie 17 Dec 2014 So wonderful to watch, what a shame that he lost the ride. As per comment nixipixi May 2012, Toto and Alf together in the same shot is awesome!
Anja 15 Jun 2012 Fantastic. Not many words available. Tear dropping!
Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 1 May 2012 That's my favourite moment too. Pure magic!
nixipixi 1 May 2012 I have to say, one of the highlights for me was watching Toto and Alf together in the warm up arena, there were moments were it looked as though they were dancing together. Astonishingly beautiful, I thought the music was spot on too. Fabulous video, definitely my favourite.
Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 4 Jan 2011 It was very special and I had no idea at the time, as Edward had just come into the public eye with Totilas and set his first world record at Hickstead! I was very lucky to make this video!

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