Fitting a Double Bridle with dressage rider, Carl Cuypers

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Carl Cuypers, Belgian Grand Prix dressage rider and 'stable jockey' to Laura Bechtolsheimer, demonstrates how to fit a double bridle. Carl's Belgian accent does not distract from his super-clear explanation of this very tricky art, ensuring the greatest comfort for the horse. He also sets us straight, once and for all, on how to get that pesky curb chain to lie flat! Douglas Dorsey, the horse that put Laura on the map, is the perfect model.

Carl Cuyper's pointers for fitting a Double Bridle

  • Stand to the left of the horse holding the bridle in your right hand and holding the front of the horse's head at the same time.
  • Put your fingers under the snaffle bit and your thumb through the ring, also hold the Weymouth so it is not hanging.
  • Put the fingers of your left hand in the corner of the horse's mouth, to open it.
  • Hold the noseband up as you begin to put the bits in the mouth.
  • Gently put the bits in, first the snaffle, then the Weymouth ensuring they do not touch the horse's teeth and put the bridle over the horse's ears. Pull out the forelock so no hair is trapped.


Pupu 26 Feb 2009 Hi Carl, thank you for this video, very good information which comes in handy as I have had 7 year break from riding with a double bridle! A extra clip on how to hold the reins and the influence of the double bridle in the horses mouth would be great. Especially at Grand Prix level one sees several diffrent ways to hold the reins. Thank you again!
Carl 16 Dec 2008 Hello! Brilliant videos here on Horse Hero and nice to see there is a Belgian working at Bechtolsheimers!! I'm from Belgium too and I'm really pleased that there exists something like Horse Hero, I think it's very unique! Greetings from Belgium! Carl (Oh yeah, my name is also Carl, and no, it's not a typical Belgian name!)

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