Laura Bechtolsheimer trains her 4-year-old, Stepdance

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The aim of the session is harmony and balance to achieve the right rhythm and speed. Step was 'on fire' two weeks ago after arriving from the sales in Germany but the Bechtolsheimer's calm and considerate approach has created a picture of relaxation already. As Dr Bechtolsheimer says, "the most precious thing a young horse has is his innocence of movement and in the mouth". The co-operation of a happy baby is a pre-requisite for creating a beautiful Grand Prix horse. Priceless wisdom from Dr Bechtolsheimer!


bodylove 12 Apr 2012

Just loved that video. I always like watching early training levels.

jackwho 22 Aug 2010 Again a great insight, having a young horse myself my 5 year old mare is actually only at the same level as this 4 year old, we have given her time to grow, so I'm glad to hear your father mention age and stage of training which fits the horse, very very pleasing to watch. Thank you
April's Fool 11 Jun 2009 I really do adore the Bechtolsheimers. I could watch and listen to them all day. They are truly amazing! Thank you for this one!
Mandeigh 2 Jun 2009 These training video's are much more interesting to me than watching competitions on the box..... I love the whole behind the scenes look and insights into training methods. More of these please!
sunrising-frog 15 May 2009 Lovely video, full of harmony, thank you Horse Hero!!

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