Hannah Biggs trains her Spanish dressage stallion

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Dressage rider, Hannah Biggs, has an unusual resident in her Dorset yard, a stunning 7 year old, dapple grey Andalusian stallion called Torrijo (Torri) who she's aiming at PSG this year. Hannah shows us how she tactfully manages his exuberant nature and extravagant movement. She also explains (with great clarity) a variety of movements from transitions and the contact, to shoulder in, travers, renvers and half pass. We challenge you not to fall in love with this magnificent horse! We did and we will be returning to film more in the future!


xania 25 Feb 2015 So well done, beautiful to watch.
Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 16 Nov 2012 We use Sony microphones and virutally always, even on windless days, use wind-jammers over the mics which, cut out most of the wind noise - a must!
N2Loping 16 Nov 2012 May I ask what is the microphone system you are using? I have always been impressed with your sound quality on the videos, even with the riders breathing and the wind. You hardly hear any whooshing!
Beautiful world 12 Oct 2011 Lots to like. Lovely tail, attitude and good desire to try to understand his rider. Interesting combination for the future?
kevin...y 11 Oct 2011 Excellent to watch!

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