Laura & Mistral Hojris have a lesson with Klaus Balkenhol

Laura & Mistral Hojris have a lesson with Klaus Balkenhol

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Here is the finished ‘item’! Laura and her top ride, Olympic partner Mistral Hojris (Alf), have a lesson with Klaus Balkenhol who has come over from Germany to train her. The lesson is translated by Dr Bechtolsheimer, Laura's usual trainer. Alf knows all the moves and he gives what’s asked of him willingly, so Laura doesn’t spend too much time on any one thing. Instead the emphasis is on self-carriage, suppleness, expression and variety. Sit back and enjoy this. Laura and Alf are poetry to watch!


MSCH 10 Jan 2014 Awww :-(((( Thanks for your reply, Fiona!
Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 9 Jan 2014 I have. We are lucky to have done what we have with Laura and Dr B. She's very busy.
MSCH 9 Jan 2014 Really Fiona? No more Laura videos? Did you ask her?
Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 18 Dec 2013 Unlikely, unfortunately!
Querida 18 Dec 2013 Great to see this video again. Is Laura going to do more videos?

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