Improving your stability in the saddle, with Jon Pitts

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Squad fitness trainer, Jon Pitts, works with four star event rider Julie Tew on improving her 'core stability' in the saddle. Julie is put through her paces and given various exercises such as standing out of the saddle and swivelling her body, riding without stirrups and lifting her legs, all of which highlight minor balance issues. Taking the 'pain' in good humour, Julie sees how the smallest differences in her balance can adversely influence her horse and how a rider's prefence to hold their weight to the left or right when jumping could create minor injuries to the horse, if perpetuated. This session is an eye-opener and offers plenty to practise at home!


Rosieone 25 Mar 2015 Jon Pitts explains in a very clear and easy to understand way. He talks about less able riders who would inevitably be less balanced and I wonder if you have thought about doing an occasional video of learners. The video is brilliant and probably having an able rider would show the principles of what Jon Pitts is talking about. I think I learned a great deal and will try the exercise on my horse. 25 Jun 2010 Great video. I really appreciated the exercises.
radipops 14 Jul 2009 Great video and well demonstrated, and it was amusing too - I will definately be trying these exercises !!
Rosayyy 20 May 2009 I definitely want to try these when I ride next - shall be interesting!
JaneB 6 Apr 2009 Ouch that's painful! Really makes you think about your position and your aids.

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