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  • At the half way point in the 40 km media ride at the Golden Horseshoe '10 on Exmoor, Fiona Price and elite squad member Annie Joppe are unsure whether they will achieve the 'gold award' time due to making several detours! Pushing on, they meet their crew at intervals for watering and sluicing the horses. The ride has an exciting climax but it's not over until they have got through the final vetting with fit, sound horses. Getting the horses' heart rates down is a tense affair. Will they do it? Fiona is uncomfortable after the ride but has another 45 minutes to hack back to the stables. Later on, she shares her private thoughts with everyone at prize-giving!

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  • Fiona Price takes up the challenge of the 40 km media invitation ride at the Golden Horseshoe on Exmoor '10, the toughest endurance terrain in the UK. She meets Princess Sahhara (an advanced arab mare) with owner Angela and her chaperon, elite squad member Annie Joppe who tells Fiona what to expect. The next day, Fiona and Annie hack to the start to prepare for the vetting. Their aim is to achieve the elusive 'gold award' requiring a minimum speed of 12 km an hour, and completing with a sound, fit horse. The talented arab proves a challenging ride and at half way, Fiona and Annie have got lost leaving the outcome uncertain.


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