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  • Teddy is now 8 and his work is more advanced. But at nearly 18 hands and boystrous at times, Dr B says their approach is tactful! The work begins with stretching on the bit, in small and large circles. In walk pirouettes, breaking the move down into sections helps Teddy keep going and balance himself. The pace and cadence varies between more and less collection in lateral work and regular breaks help to relax the muscles and let Teddy switch off. Dr B helps Laura with the start of piaffe, where confidence and strength must be built together. Teddy learns to shorten his huge canter but "his size dictates the pace of his training" says Dr B.

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  • Laura Bechtolsheimer and Alf are just a few weeks away from contesting their second Olympic Games. Still only in her 20's, Laura tells Horse Hero's Fiona Price that London feels different to Beijing, as their achievements are greater and they are established as a partnership. However, this brings greater expectations! Laura has had a good year leading up to the Games and Fiona asks about the pros and cons of performing on home soil. Laura explains her last project with Alf before London and tells Fiona about her plans for the 17 year old star afterwards. She also reveals who the youngsters are that will eventually follow in Alf's footsteps!

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  • April's excerpts include dressage and eventing. Laura Bechtolsheimer (world no 3) works Grand Prix dressage horse Telwell, while others train young horses. Amateur Grand Prix rider Marne Martin-Tucker rides a newly backed stallion and a 6 year old State Premium mare. Her trainer Natalie Allen offers a great insight into early work. Pammy Hutton teaches daughter Pippa on a huge 5 year old and Sarah Millis trains a talented and sensitive 6 year old. Meanwhile, Irish eventer Sam Watson does some pre-season cross country schooling and German eventer Dirk Schrade shows us how to build core strength in jumping horses.

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  • Having warmed-up in Part 1, the focus is now on collected advanced moves in 'working' rather than 'competition' mode. Laura explains "it's not about drilling, it's about technique and strength-building, and the work should be fun!" Will doesn't like to be held so Laura collects, then lets go, and emphasises that true collection requires self-carriage. Half-steps are the preparation for piaffe and ensure that "the moment Will is thinking backwards, he's thinking forwards again," says Laura. The size of the canter pirouettes varies to quicken the hind leg and develop softness. Laura provides a crystal clear explanation of her aids as she rides.


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