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  • Continuing from her warm up in another video, Laura works on simple changes with the 5 year old Joey. Everything is broken down into small units to make it easier. Laura begins with walk-canter, canter-walk transitions on both reins. Using the arena boards to back Joey off in the downwards transitions, Laura keeps engagement in the canter but gives the contact immediately to encourage a free walk. She says, "if Joey isn't in front of the leg, it's impossible to make a clean transition to walk." With youngsters, the aids need to be obvious to avoid confusion but gauging how much work is enough is critical, as once fatigue sets in the quality diminishes!

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  • A year on from the first video of Joey, top British dressage rider Laura works on the 5 year old's warmup in preparation for simple changes and more collection. Joey can be a little tricky to begin with so he determines the length of the warmup. Laura demonstrates exercises to get him to relax and 'let go', including riding walk-trot transitions with some bend. She also gives some tips on straightness. Laura creates hind leg activity from the start as she says this is a prerequisite for a good connection later. Frequent walk breaks are vital, and walking on a free rein encourages over-tracking. Laura provides a great explanation of her aids.

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  • Laura Bechtolsheimer, world number three dressage rider, talks to Fiona Price about her year to date and preparation for the World Equestrian Games (WEG) 2010. Having been laid off at the beginning of the season, Laura had two fabulous shows at Lingen and Aachen. She tells Fiona that building up to peak performance for WEG is like preparing for any other big show. Laura talks about Alf's journey to Kentucky, her psychological preparation and says that her partnership with Alf has matured and their work is now solid. Alf has even got over his dislike of clapping! Alf has as much to say in this interview as Laura!

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  • In typical Horse Hero style, May’s filming included a wide variety of subjects. We made dressage videos with team GB rider Maria Eilberg and her father and trainer Ferdi, and also Grand Prix rider Hannah Biggs. We filmed a dressage lesson for pony team member Claire Gallimore with leading British rider Laura Bechtolsheimer, as well as jumping training with 4* eventers Alex Peternell (cross country) and Alex Hua Tian (a school exercise, in preparation for his outing at Badminton '10). We also covered massage for competition horses and followed Fiona Price in her 40 km endurance challenge at the Golden Horseshoe ride on Exmoor. Enjoy!


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