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  • Having focused on holding Gigolo with her seat in the first part of this lesson and allowing the neck out more (the subject of another video), Claire works on the half pass with Olympian Laura Bechtolsheimer. Laura provides a crystal clear explanation of how to apply the aids and ride the movement, so that Claire doesn't block Gigs or give him anything to 'get stuck' on. "The neck needs to be longer to allow the hind leg to step under and the front end to come up more", says Laura. "Imagine you are riding travers against a wall on a diagonal line". Claire and Laura also work on walk pirouettes plus canter where Laura wants to see a living, breathing contact.

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  • Fiona Price had some funny moments on location at Laura Bechtolsheimer's yard whilst making an introductory video for Horse Hero. In fact, there were so many blunders, we decided to dedicate an entire 'out takes' to them! We always include horses, even in the talking pieces, as without fail, they add their humour to proceedings! Granted there was a lot for Fiona to remember without the sophistication of autocue or notes even, but she did forget her lines a lot, which proved to be quite entertaining. There is also the added bonus of seeing the B's fabulous yard and meeting Laura's top horse, Mistral Hojris (Alf)! (Click here to see the final video.)

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  • There are always funny moments during Horse Hero filming and here is a compilation of out takes we've been saving up for you from the last few months. It includes some extremely vocal horses at the Hartpury Stallion Parade, thigh slapping fun in a discussion on nutrition, gobbing and snorting (that's humans, not horses!) and a horse that always slips his tongue in when kissing! Plus there's drama in Fiona's lesson with Nicola McGivern on Active Walero, antics (in German) with Laura Bechtolsheimer and Klaus Balkenhol in the bitting video, and Fiona attempts to relax Christina by shaking her up during filming of her advert. Enjoy!

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  • This is for those who are new to the site! Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the best riders and the rest of us? Most of us don’t get to spend time on top competition yards (like the Bechtosheimers’ featured in this video), or get into conversation with top riders. Horse Hero gives you access to the best from the comfort of your home, on video which is the most powerful way to learn (aside from riding your horse)! Click the pink button at the top of the page to subscribe and find out what top riders think when they are riding and how they look after their horses. You can also get into dialogue with them!


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