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  • It's nearly a year after the first Horse Hero video of Laura working with Step (when he had just come from the sales in Germany). The change is impressive. He is working in collection and has started 'baby' lateral work for purposes of suppling and building strength in the hind end. The scales of training are very much in evidence, namely working in relaxed gaits, stepping forward into the contact, impulsion to create straightness and finally throughness leading to collection. Laura explains the importance of voice aids with Step and the need of clarity in all things. Her explanations of her aids are crystal clear in this valuable early training session.

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  • Following on from working with 5 year old Teddy on balance in the trot (in another video), Laura progresses to canter and predicts 'it could be entertaining'! Starting with half halts within the canter, the aim is to collect but maintain a forward stride and be able to let go with the hand. Laura uses a clever technique for stopping the outside shoulder from drifting out, and thus avoids a potential confrontation. The fun starts when the canter gets bigger and bigger and Teddy shows off his bucking skills! Laura sends him on and stresses that whatever happens, it's essential he goes forward into the contact. Order is restored!

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  • Laura Bechtolsheimer's fabulous 5 year old home bred, Teddy, is a giant! At over 18 hands, his progress has been slowed a little by having to have time off to finish growing! Teddy is very responsive and has a lot of lift and spring to his paces plus a ground-eating canter. Laura says, "riding Teddy is like trying to steer the Titanic through a slalom course!" The aim of the session is balance, also straightness and improving Teddy's general athleticism. Because he is talented in the collected work and he likes to work in a grown-up outline, Laura says she has be be careful not to take advantage of what Teddy is offering, so frequent stretch breaks are necessary.

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  • Enjoy the antics at Laura Bechtolsheimer's yard plus Alex Hua Tian's interview which doesn't go quite according to plan and some 'pig business' at Louise Skelton's. First, Fiona Price meets Laura's new Grand Prix horse Willow who is very personable, then Alex Hua Tian takes it on the chin from Jeans. Laura has problems remembering her horses' names while Andy expresses his opinion about stepping in for Alf at Olympia. Laura also shows her hidden talent for rodeo riding on the exuberant Teddy, and Fiona matches her stride for stride during a lesson on a Grade A show jumping mare at Shane Breen's. It's all fun and games behind the camera!


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