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  • Joey is a stunning 'Bechtolsheimer baby'. Laura shows her 4 year old to Klaus Balkenhol for the first time and Dr B acts as interpreter. Klaus stresses the importance of the scales of training with youngsters. He asks Laura to find a regular rhythm and contact, and to make corrections quietly. Joey works from a long rein to a loose rein in the warmup with frequent walk breaks. Short intervals of collected work follow, plus a few steps of sitting trot, the start of half halts, changes in direction, some serpentines and a bit of shoulder in, all the while ensuring Joey is attentive to Laura. The session is perfectly timed to suit Joey's concentration span!

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  • It's six months since we first filmed Step and he has matured. Though the outline is still 'baby' you can see why he's called Stepdance! Now a five year old, Dr B says he's progressing correctly but patience is the key. He explains how to build balanced muscle in the young horse. Dr B also says every aid must have a purpose and Laura must get a reaction, and that transitions should come from the back end into the hand. The rider needs to be switched on the whole time and know how much impulsion to ask for. The art at this stage is for the horse not to notice he is being worked, so relaxed work should flow into harder work for short bursts only.

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  • This is a turn up for the books! Laura and her 'special friend' polo star Mark Tomlinson talk to Horse Hero's Fiona Price on getting a glimpse into each others worlds. Mark knows nothing about dressage and when Laura gave him a lesson she forbade him from calling it dressage, it was 'educational flatwork'! Mark thinks Laura could do polo because she believes 'she can do anything' and has the body for it! Laura thinks polo is 'rugby for horses' and Mark says polo players need gadgets because they aren't as good as dressage riders. There are, however, similarities between the sports. But you'll have to watch the video to find out what!

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  • Douglas Dorsey put Laura Bectholsheimer on the map, winning her the dressage National Champion title. When he decided he didn't want to compete anymore, Laura made the decision to retire him to a life of leisure with 'the herd'. Laura describes the emotional day she rode him to the field, untacked him and simply turned him out. After living in pampered luxury, he took to the great outdoors in no time ensuring the others knew who was boss! Douglas was keen to join Laura when she later rode by on Alf (his stable mate and travel companion of many years)! Knowing he wasn't looking his best, Douglas was a little shy when he met Fiona Price!


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