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  • If you missed any of the videos we published in February '09, here's a reminder of what's on the site. Gemma Green's amazing yard and her magnificent lorry both have that 'wow' factor, and she talks to us about her career. Horse Hero's Fiona Price learns how to bridge her reins and puts it to the test on the gallops. Laura Bechtolsheimer has a lesson (in German) on Mistral Hojris with Klaus Balkenhol and Dr B translates. Horse Hero celebrities offer words of wisdom and we learn how to plait a tail and trim heels. Plus you can find out how to get 'fussy eaters' to eat supplements, and what spurs to use when!
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  • Olympic dressage rider, Laura Bechtolsheimer, demonstrates how to hold a double bridle. Her Grand Prix partner Mistral Hojris (Alf), is the well behaved model! Laura talks about the importance of familiarisation for both horse and rider, she identifies the do's and don'ts of using a double and offers some very useful techniques for gaining rein control. This video is a must for those intending to progress to a double bridle and there are also some good pointers for those already using one!

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  • Having had a 'practice run' on the borrowed ex-Olympic eventer Silence six months ago, Laura Bechtolsheimer returned to Tweseldown to event 'for real' on her new horse Billy. Swapping her top hat for a crash cap and a perfect arena for an irregular field, Laura entered into the eventing spirit. "Getting Billy on the bit was the main challenge", according to Dr B, while Laura said, "I am keeping my bottom firmly in the saddle for show jumping this time, after all, I must remember I am a dressage rider!". With that in mind, she produced a respectable show jumping round and a super clear cross-country. Well done Laura! Interviewed by Fiona Price.
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  • Laura Bechtolsheimer is making a new Kur for Mistral Hojris (Alf)! She has enlisted the help of Dutch 'dressage to music' master Cees Slings to choreograph and compose a Kur for her Olympic partner Alf, who is not known for his appreciation of music! We see Laura, Cees and Dr B working at home on the project. We eavesdrop on their conversations, watch Alf warm up and get a sneak preview of some of the moves in the new test, which we've set to music of our choosing as the real thing hasn't yet been composed! Once the Kur is performed in public, we'll publish the full item in training but we don't want to steal Laura's thunder!


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