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  • Here is the finished ‘item’! Laura and her top ride, Olympic partner Mistral Hojris (Alf), have a lesson with Klaus Balkenhol who has come over from Germany to train her. The lesson is translated by Dr Bechtolsheimer, Laura's usual trainer. Alf knows all the moves and he gives what’s asked of him willingly, so Laura doesn’t spend too much time on any one thing. Instead the emphasis is on self-carriage, suppleness, expression and variety. Sit back and enjoy this. Laura and Alf are poetry to watch!
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  • Dan’s education is progressing noticeably. Klaus Balkenhol gives Laura a lesson in German and Dr Bechtolsheimer translates! Dr B explains that Dan is much more grown up and is showing more expression in his work. He is also capable of greater self-carriage and collection and is more confident in tempi changes. Klaus says Dan looks "increasingly beautiful in his work" and, according to Laura, "he is a happy horse I love to work with". Dan’s boundaries are pushed a little with the start of piaffe but he is obliging and rises to the challenge!
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  • Klaus Balkenhol needs no introduction. As one of the most revered dressage trainers in the world, we were privileged to get an unexpected interview with him when he visited the Bechtolsheimer's yard in Janauary '09. In this interview Klaus (double Olympic gold medallist and trainer to the US dressage team) talks to Fiona Price through Dr Bechtolsheimer, who acts as interpretor. He talks about his philosophy for training horses and riders, the makings of star quality, the people he likes to work with, his hopes for dressage judging, his pet hate and what he loves most about horses. Find out about the mind and method of this great trainer!
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  • This is the last behind the scenes piece from Olympia '08. It's mostly set to music and features lots of collecting ring activity which is often one of the most fascinating areas of any show! It gives a real flavour of what it's like for the riders and shows the sheer diversity of competitors. You'll recognise famous faces such as Ellen and Robert Whitaker, Laura Bechtolsheimer, Laura Kraut and Carl Hester and there's the odd surprise too! There is also an interview with show organiser, Malcolm Wallace.


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