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  • Laura shows us precisely how to apply exercise bandages over pads, which she prefers to boots, for her dressage horses. She demonstrates where to start and finish the bandage, the right tension and the best shape for the pad underneath. If you want to know how to do the perfect bandage, this is for you!
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  • Laura talks about her Olympic experience - the excitement of going to Hong Kong, her preparation and focus, her superstar horse Mistral Horjis (Alf), their acclimatisation, the issues they faced and her devastation at not producing the results she had hoped for. She shares her low moment and explains what happened; she also describes how she pulled herself back from the brink in time for her second dressage test, who supported her and what she's planning next. Laura demonstrates the metal of a world class performer. Look out London 2012! She is accompanied by Alf and interviewed by Fiona Price, in September 2008.
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  • Filming of our veterinary series with Dr Svend Kold and his team at Willesley Equine Clinic in the Cotswolds, produced a few funny moments! We also squeezed in some filming with fitness guru, Jon Pitts, which included Laura Bechtolsheimer and friends as guinea pigs!
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  • Team GBR personal fitness trainer, Jon Pitts, takes another session with our 'Guinea Pig' riders, Laura Bechtolsheimer, Louisa Brassey and Annabel Wigley. This time, he creates testing exercises for increasing 'pelvic strength', which Jon says is the key to core stability on a horse and maximising the effectiveness of your seat. Again, no gym required and not much equipment for that matter. Handy fitness you can do at home. Presented by Fiona Price.


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