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  • Jon Pitts is a fitness trainer to Team GBR riders. He takes this session for Horse Hero with Laura Bechtolsheimer and eventers Annabel Wigley and Louisa Brassey. Jon explains how improving your pelvic balance can give your performance the edge and our guinea pigs demonstrate how you can do this from the comfort of your own home! (In a separate video interview, Jon tells us that William Fox-Pitt attributes pelvic balance to helping him avoid a tumble on Tamarillo!) Presented by Fiona Price.
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  • Jon started life in football, in fact he was a pro', but somehow found his way into the equestrian sector where he has made a name for himself and his fitness training, working with the good and the great in the British equestrian teams, including William Fox-Pitt, Laura Bechtolsheimer and Sharon Hunt and went with them to the Olympics. William Fox-Pitt attributes avoiding a fall on Tamarillo to Jon's core stability work and others say it has given them a winning edge! Jon talks to Fiona Price (May '08).
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  • 4* event rider, Polly Williamson at her Wiltshire yard, with Laura Bechtolsheimer presenting. Polly explains when she uses exercise bandages as opposed to boots and demonstrates how to apply them. The day we filmed it was pouring with rain so, for this clip, we took shelter under a beautiful arch in her quadrangle yard. First, Polly has to get her very tired eventer out of bed to do the job. Very sweet!
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  • We start with an unmissable and forthright interview at Badminton '08 with Beanie Sturgis talking about her unlikely 4* horse, Monarch's Rock and how she got him thinking her way! This is followed by an interview with Laura Bechtolsheimer (helping Dan Jocelyn to warm up) which discusses the differences between event horses that do dressage and 'professional' dressage horses. We finish with a rare insight into the unsung world of grooms, with William Fox-Pitt's long time head girl, Jackie Potts. Presented by Fiona Price.


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