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  • These are two special Horse Heroes for Laura Bechtolsheimer. Douglas Dorsey (Doug) put Laura on the map winning the National Championships and was her first team ride. He has recently retired from competition but has a constant eye on Laura at home. Mistral Hojris (Alf), prefers cuddling to competing and was Laura's Olympic ride in Hong Kong. They also achieved the highest British score in a Grand Prix at Olympia 2007 and came close again in '08. Laura talks to Fiona Price, February '08, before the Olympics.
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  • This is an eye-opener into how a feeding regime can be tailored to each individual horse and their ever-changing requirements. As Dr B says, "top horses are like Formula 1 where the same tyres don't fit all cars!" So, in this feed room, there's not a brand label in sight! It's also remarkably small for such a big yard and the oat crushing machine has to be seen to be believed! Filmed at the Bechtolsheimer’s Gloucestershire yard, with Louisa Brassey.
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  • This is the yard that has produced Olympic dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer. It must be one of the most breathtaking modern yards in the world! Dr B explains the thinking behind their Cotswolds yard and its facilities which are designed for maximum horse luxury and human convenience. Facilities include heated stable and arena lights, a multi-coloured drying machine and a spa. In your dreams! Don’t miss it. Dr Bechtolsheimer talks to Fiona Price, February '08.
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  • This interview shows the Bechtolsheimers as an exceptional family unit and competition machine. Mrs B describes the moment she knew Laura had what it took to get to the Olympics and her progression through the ranks. Laura is trained by her father, who himself rode at top level. Given the intensity of the relationship, it’s refreshing to hear that they remain the best of friends. The Bechtolsheimer family talk to Fiona Price, February '08.


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