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  • Highlights of lessons this month including Britain's top dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer teaching Horse Hero competition winner Kim Seaby on Robin, American Grand Prix dressage rider and biomechanics trainer Suzie Peacock working with Amy and Vaz, dressage rider Hannah Biggs giving Horse Hero's Fiona Price a tune-up on Norris before eventing and behaviourist Sarah Fisher doing pole-work with Fiona and young dressage horse Buddy Holly. Also, eventer Louisa Lockwood demonstrates how to jump narrow fences. Lots of great ideas to try with your horse!

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  • Continuing on from the first part of Kim's lesson which focused on collection, top British dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer works on trot half pass building up to a zigzag, a new move for Kim and the 8 year old Robin. Rein-back helps to engage the quarters and Laura stresses the importance of an accurate halt. She then asks Kim to ride a more 'grown-up' trot which is active, steps up to the contact and has more cadence and expression. Shoulder-in, followed by a small circle and travers sets Robin up for an impressive half pass. The trick in getting a good change of direction in the zigzag, is to slow things down and carefully manage the bend.

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  • Laura Bechtolsheimer trains Kim Seaby and her 8 yr old mare Robin on collection, in preparation for flying changes. Laura asks Kim to give with her inside hand in the trot-canter transition to avoid Robin taking a big first stride. Moving forwards and back in the canter, Kim needs to do more with her seat and less with her hand. "Ask Robin to wait but allow her forwards", says Laura. In collection Laura explains that each part of you is doing something subtle and slightly different to help the horse. She tells Kim to "soften, collect and give". To prepare for a change, the horse must be collected, forwards and straight. (Another video follows with the rest of the lesson.)

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  • Laura Bectholsheimer asks Jenny to use the walk break to practise test moves, including medium and extended walk and pirouettes. She tells Jenny to "march the front end around the back end to make the pirouettes tighter" and encourages her to work on a square, riding a quarter pirouette in each corner. In the canter, Jenny works towards simple changes focusing on getting bend in both directions and collection, in the first instance. To make a transition to walk, Jenny must have engagement, control, balance and straightness. When Dinky starts to take over, Laura says "if it doesn't feel right, don't do the transition".


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