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  • Six year old Teddy (Polar Bear) is enormous and still growing. "His size dictates the speed of his progress", says to Dr B, who narrates the session while Laura works Teddy in a double bridle. Teddy has a lovely clear rhythm and the focus is on more collection in trot (without force), and transitions. "In a Medium test regularity coupled with relaxation are the most important things", says Dr B. Teddy's size makes small circles difficult but Laura gradually works towards accuracy and uses her position to help Teddy in the lateral work. Dr B explains that Laura's riding must be "full of sympathy as well as consequence!" (Canter work follows in Part 2.)

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  • Britain's top dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer works with her trainer Dr B and youngster Joey, four star eventer Alex Peternell practises his cross country jumping technique with show jumps, Australian natural horseman Jason Webb trains a spooky young mare and a horse that rears, Horse Hero's Fiona Price lunges the three year old Buddy Holly over poles and behaviourist Sarah Fisher does body work on Buddy too. Lots of thought provoking and inspiring videos to give you ideas to try with your horse!

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  • Laura Bectholsheimer prepares six year old Joey for an Elementary test in a few days time, while trainer Dr B narrates the session. In the warm-up the aim is a steady rhythm, a loose back and a longer and rounder outline, working towards a little collection. In the walk-canter transitions "an engaged walk creates an engaged canter", says Dr B and frequent breaks allow Joey to stretch his back and build more muscle. Pin point accuracy is required for test moves as well as correctness of the movement. Laura works on half circles, counter canter and medium trot and Dr Bechtolsheimer stresses the importance rhythm throughout the movement.

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  • Join in the fun behind the camera during Horse Hero filming. Laura and Dr Bechtolsheimer, Australian natural horseman Jason Webb and Horse Hero's Fiona Price are all featured. Fiona has an eternal problem folding that pesky lighting disc but Dr B puts her to shame and cracks it in one! Fiona also has a very unusual way of preparing to ride! We discover that Laura's medal winning partner Alf (Mistral Horjis) can't multi-task and Jason's newly backed mare doesn't respond to spooky objects, making it tricky to film a piece on how to deal with a horse that spooks!


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