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  • A big variety feature in this month's highlights! On the young horse side, eventer Ginnie Turnbull works two 4 yr olds, one on the flat and the other over a course of jumps, while Judy Bradwell trains Alex Postolowsky on the Burghley Young Horse test and behaviourist Emma Massingale prepares 2 year old Dashar to load into a trailer. Mother and daughter teams also feature with Pammy Hutton training daughter Pippa on Pammy's top horse and Diane Thurman-Baker works with 15 yr old Joanna, also learning on a Grand Prix schoolmaster. Grand Prix dressage rider Matt Hicks converts Duke from eventing to dressage and 4* eventer Tom McEwen sharpens up Dry Old Party 's cross country technique.

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  • A number of lessons feature in June's video excerpts. Pammy Hutton teaches amateur dressage rider Rebekah on a Talland schoolmaster, dressage judge and trainer Julie Box helps daughter Beanie teach a horse lateral work, Grand Prix rider Matt Hicks teaches GB Young Rider Jessica Gale on her youngster Kiwi and past Burghley winner Judy Bradwell trains eventer Alex Postolowsky on a 4 yr old. Behaviourist Emma Massingale starts the 2 year old arab Dashar who learns to lead from another horse and to wear tack and Alex Postolowsky takes 5 year old eventer Elton cross-country schooling. Lots of ideas to try on your horse and tips to improve your riding!

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  • Lessons feature strongly in this selection of video excerpts from filming in May. GB Junior rider Jessica Gale rides a test under the watchful eye of Grand Prix rider Matt Hicks. Fellow GP rider Matt Frost trains his competition groom Rachel on lateral work and the inimitable Pammy Hutton teaches Georgina on a school-master at Talland along with eventer Louise, both Horse Hero competition winners. In addition, show jumper Angie Thompson works on controlling Cinderada's power, dressage rider Dan Greenwood trains the 'lift' in Russell's trot and behaviourist Emma Massingale starts young Dashar's education.

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  • A mix of dressage and jumping this time! The first class dressage duo Matt Frost and Adam Kemp train the talented but tricky youngster Leo (two part video), dressage judge Julie Legg helps Harriet convert from showing to dressage with her Welsh pony and Grand Prix rider Dan Greenwood trains Lisa with her Scandic son Angelo at Advanced Medium level. On the jumping side, GB team eventer Lucy Wiegersma puts her rising star Mr Chunky through his paces in the 'clock-face' exercise and show jumper Angie Thompson warms-up the big and powerful mare Cinderada, in preparation for jumping a course.


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