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  • Dressage, jumping and body-work for riders feature in this month's video excerpts. Anni Macdonald-Hall trains novice rider Jez on her Grand Prix school-master and trains Grand Prix rider Roland Tong on his up and coming star. Pammy Hutton helps daughter Pippa prepare for the Young Rider European Champs' and Jane Lavington trains the Clydesdale, Boston, on the big trot and canter changes. Olympic eventer Vittoria Panizzon sharpens 3* horse Woody up with grid work and German trainer Michael Beining helps Woodlander Stud rider Carsten Sandrock on his position. Plenty of inspiration and learning on Horse Hero!

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  • Italian Olympic eventer Vittoria Panizzon introduces a young horse to bounces in a grid, British team dressage rider Nikki Crisp prepares Grand Prix mare Pasoa for competition beginning with her basic way of going and working up to test movements (three part video), GB Pony rider Erin Williams makes the transition to horses and German dressage trainer Michael Beining works with Lynne Crowden's Woodlander Stud rider, Carsten Sandrock, on body awareness and the contact with newly started horses, who throw up a few extra challenges. As Lynne says, "no seat, no dressage"!

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  • Jumping, dressage and scurry driving feature in the this selection of video excerpts. GB eventer Emily LLewellyn contrasts a youngster at the beginning of her jumping career with horse ready for 4*. GB dressage senior Nikki Crisp trains the enormous young Seb, while dressage junior Erin Williams works her GB team prospect with trainer Sonia Baines. German dressage trainer Michael Beining teachers body-work to riders at Woodlander Stud and Horse Hero's Fiona Price turns her hand to scurry driving. Lots to learn and enjoy on Horse Hero!

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  • Dressage, jumping and horse behaviour videos feature in March's video excerpts. Natalie Allen helps the fabulous dressage mare Casual to contain her power and teaches a lesson to amateur rider Lynne. Olympian Alex Peternell starts a young eventer's jump training and works on the flat with the exuberant 3* Lando. Eventing young rider medallist Emily Llewellyn works the 3* Junior on the flat and it's fascinating to see eventers work through dressage issues with horses that are not always built for the job! Behaviourist Sarah Fisher also returns to work with endurance pony Taz.


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