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  • Dressage, jumping and horse behaviour videos feature in March's video excerpts. Natalie Allen helps the fabulous dressage mare Casual to contain her power and teaches a lesson to amateur rider Lynne. Olympian Alex Peternell starts a young eventer's jump training and works on the flat with the exuberant 3* Lando. Eventing young rider medallist Emily Llewellyn works the 3* Junior on the flat and it's fascinating to see eventers work through dressage issues with horses that are not always built for the job! Behaviourist Sarah Fisher also returns to work with endurance pony Taz.

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  • A great selection of dressage, show jumping and horse behaviour in this month's excerpts. Leading dressage trainer Pammy Hutton works with son Charlie and the green Grand Prix dressage horse. Natalie Allen trains a big moving Advanced Medium dressage mare and Olympic eventer Alex Peternell brings one of his top rides back into jumping after a break. Show jumping trainer Ernest Dillon gets to know a new horse and Australian horseman Jason Webb retrains two problem horses - one that bucks and another that naps. Lots to learn on Horse Hero!

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  • Horse behaviour, dressage and jumping feature in this selection of excepts from Horse Hero filming. Australian natural horseman Jason Webb re-trains a horse that bucks and a strong dressage horse. Ernest Dillon trains flying changes for show jumping and teaches a lesson, Vicki Thompson-Winfield works with a tricky dressage youngster and eventer Aoife Clarke tactfully jumps a talented young mare. Behaviourist Sarah Fisher uses body work to improve Taz's way of going and dressage trainer Pammy Hutton helps son Charlie.

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  • Irish Olympic eventer Aoife Clarke works on exercises for straightness, dressage Olympian Vicky Thompson-Winfield trains the big moving stallion Beltoni on the basic warm-up and also collection in the canter, show jumping trainer Ernest Dillon introduces the young Coco to fillers, Australian behaviourist Jason Webb re-trains a horse that's dangerous to handle and Horse Hero's Fiona Price has a jumping lesson on endurance pony Taz, who also gets a visit from behaviourist Sarah Fisher. Fiona also enjoys a day out hunting on a borrowed horse with the Cottesmore. Lots to learn and enjoy in this collection of video excerpts on Horse Hero!


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