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  • Eventing, dressage and show jumping all feature in October's videos. Irish eventer Aoife Clark (7th at London) provides a masterly demonstration of warming-up for jumping, whilst jumping trainer Ernest Dillon improves the canter with a pole exercise before tackling a fence. Dressage Olympian Vicki-Thompson Winfield starts a young stallion on the lunge and then rides him and Grand Prix dressage rider Hannah Biggs trains an up and coming 5 year old. Amanda Martin uses clicker training as an alternative for teaching lateral work.

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  • Excerpts from September's videos includes advanced dressage with German trainer Susanne Miesner on piaffe and passage, suppleness work for Hannah Biggs' Grand Prix stallion Weltzin in his down-time, show-jumping for youngsters with Ernest Dillon, starting a 3 year old with eventer Wayne Garrick who also shows us polework with a 5 year old and clicker training to teach a horse to stand while mounting. Horse Hero's Fiona Price also takes part in a pre-season hunt training day. Decide what you want to watch in full, and learn and enjoy!

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  • August's excerpts range from Dr B teaching yard jockey Lara, to show jumping for youngsters with Ernest Dillon. In between, you'll find an interview with Canadian Olympic dressage team member David Marcus (who will not have fond memories of London 2012, sadly) and team reserves Diane Creech and Pia Fortmuller. Amanda Martin uses clicker training to teach a pony to stand and wait, natural dressage trainer Karen Rohlf empowers her student, classical German dressage trainer Susanne Miesner teaches the warm-up and Wayne Garrick starts an eventer. Watch this video and decide what you would like to watch in full!

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  • What a collection in July's excerpts! Laura B talks about Olympic pressure and we see her working Rio prospect, Teddy. Canadian Olympians Ashley Holzer and Jacqueline Brooks tell Fiona Price about their expectations for The Games, German dressage trainer Susanne Miesner gives a lesson on the warm-up while show jumping trainer Ernest Dillon explains his warm-up for a youngster and does pole-work, behaviourist Greg Drummond starts a race-horse bareback, American natural dressage trainer Karen Rolf teaches a horse biomechanics on the lunge and Amanda Martin uses clicker training to teach a horse to take a wormer!


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