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  • What a variety of videos in March! From Britain's top dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer working on test preparation with a youngster, to horse behaviour! Working with 6 year old Teddy, Laura's father and trainer says, "training youngsters is like being a kindergarten teacher"! Meanwhile, Sarah Fisher teaches bolting pony Taz to stop, Jason Webb works on a loading problem and Laira Gold starts a three year old on long lines. There's also rider posture with performance coach Jon Pitts and eventer Flora Harris plus Norris has some remedial shoeing!

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  • Britain's top dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer works with her trainer Dr B and youngster Joey, four star eventer Alex Peternell practises his cross country jumping technique with show jumps, Australian natural horseman Jason Webb trains a spooky young mare and a horse that rears, Horse Hero's Fiona Price lunges the three year old Buddy Holly over poles and behaviourist Sarah Fisher does body work on Buddy too. Lots of thought provoking and inspiring videos to give you ideas to try with your horse!

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  • Excerpts from January's videos will give you a taste of what to watch in full! Laura Bechtolsheimer trains the young home-bred dressage horse Christian while eventer Flora Harris works with fitness coach Jon Pitts on pelvic balance. Woodlander Stud's Lynne Crowden explains which colts will make good stallions, Mike Eilberg works the young dressage mare Rochelle (bred by Lynne), Jason Webb shows us his unique method of training Angelo who bolts, and Horse Hero's Fiona Price tries her hand at the sport of Polocrosse. She also does a remedial lunging demonstation with her own eventer Norris. Lots to entertain and inform you!

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  • December's videos are a complete mix from classical dressage with bull-fighting origins (from the Portugal series) to horse massage, sports psychology during the advanced class at Highclere Horse Trials where we followed Alex Peternell through the event and interviewed others including Zara Phillips, choosing the right 'husband' for your mare (one of the Woodlander Stud videos), backing a three year old the Australian Natural Horsemanship way with Jason Webb and two very funny out takes pieces. Taste our latest content, then watch the full videos!


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