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  • This is for those who are new to the site! Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the best riders and the rest of us? Most of us don’t get to spend time on top competition yards (like the Bechtosheimers’ featured in this video), or get into conversation with top riders. Horse Hero gives you access to the best from the comfort of your home, on video which is the most powerful way to learn (aside from riding your horse)! Click the pink button at the top of the page to subscribe and find out what top riders think when they are riding and how they look after their horses. You can also get into dialogue with them!
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  • In good Horse Hero style, videos cover a wide range of training from jumping with 4* eventer Georgie Spence and dressage with Olympic team member Laura Bechtolsheimer, to improving a youngster's trot with Grand Prix rider Hannah Biggs and a lesson for amateur dressage rider Fiona Price on Olympian, Active Walero. We also explain how to use massage to assess your horse, and explore common bitting fallacies and feeding myths! Plus there's a fascinating insight into breeding for jumping and dressage, at the Hartpury Stallion Parade. Enjoy the highlights, then click on the links in the full list below and watch the videos!

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  • "Remember what a horse has evolved to eat!" This is where we go wrong today according to feeding expert Robert Fowler. Instead, we superimpose our own dietary regime onto our horses, often with dire consequences. Fiona Price discusses the art of feeding with Robert and top eventer Alex Hua Tian (who was the first to ride for China in an Olympic Games). Sitting in Alex's impressive lorry 'Chinatown', thorny subjects such as high protein equals high energy, the perils of acid, ulcers, azoturia and supplementation are discussed. Fiona asks Alex how he will alter Magenta's diet in the run up to Badminton and we then see her in action at home.

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  • March's highlights offer a diverse range of Horse Hero videos, from dressage training and test riding with Laura Bechtolsheimer and Maria Eilberg, to cross country schooling for babies with South African eventer Alex Peternell. There's also show jumping for eventers with Georgie Spence and a privileged insight to eventers' World Class squad training. Plus we find out about the science (or art?) of body condition scoring to determine your horses' weight. Finally, Fiona Price interviews the Eilberg family and talks about their approach to the early training of horses, how Maria and Mike share rides and their views on the contentious Rollkur!


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