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  • You'll find a great range of training videos in February '09 Highlights. Laura Bechtolsheimer starts the 6 year old Step on lateral work and she trains homebred Teddy's huge canter, Hannah Biggs works on self-carriage with her gorgeous Spanish stallion Torri, Chinese event rider Alex Hua Tian uses poles to soften the canter of his Advanced eventer and Irish show jumper Shane Breen practises related distances on his home-bred Cos I Can. Plus Richard Maxwell shows us how to ride a spooky horse, Rosie Howard demonstrates tricks training and there's veterinary advice too. All in all, a fairly typical month in the life of Horse Hero!

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  • This is a fabulous selection of videos which typifies Horse Hero filming. There's dressage training with Olympians Jane Gregory and Laura Bechtolsheimer, who both work with stars of tomorrow; natural horsemanship expert Pat Parelli offers horse wisdom to young riders while his wife and partner Linda gives an insightful interview to Fiona Price; Fiona has a jumping lesson with Irish team member Shane Breen on a lively Grade A mare; Doug Allen instructs a reining squad member; behaviourist Richard Maxwell shows how to load a problem horse and there's saddle fitting, first aid and out takes. Plenty to inspire, inform and amuse you!

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  • Enjoy the antics at Laura Bechtolsheimer's yard plus Alex Hua Tian's interview which doesn't go quite according to plan and some 'pig business' at Louise Skelton's. First, Fiona Price meets Laura's new Grand Prix horse Willow who is very personable, then Alex Hua Tian takes it on the chin from Jeans. Laura has problems remembering her horses' names while Andy expresses his opinion about stepping in for Alf at Olympia. Laura also shows her hidden talent for rodeo riding on the exuberant Teddy, and Fiona matches her stride for stride during a lesson on a Grade A show jumping mare at Shane Breen's. It's all fun and games behind the camera!

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  • This is a fabulous collection of videos ranging from horse behaviour to eventing, dressage and show jumping. It includes an interview with Laura Bechtolsheimer about her outstanding 2009, and we meet her boys and girls. We interview Chinese eventing superstar Alex Hua Tian and hear the amazing story that led to his Olympic debut in 2008. Irish show jumper Shane Breen demonstrates the art of long reining, and he takes a youngster cross country schooling; four star event rider Louise Skelton shows us a very tricky serpentine jumping exercise and Richard Maxwell transforms a horse that's lazy to lunge, and another one that's difficult to lead!


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