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  • These include dressage, jumping and reining! There are two fabulous pieces with Olympic dressage rider Jane Gregory working one of her future stars, Italian eventer Susanna Bordonne jumps her 4*horse through a grid and Irish show jumper Shane Breen works a difficult stallion over a full course. Eventer Louise Skelton tells how she got to the top after a tragic accident, she also jumps the 3 year old Barney and learns how to 'ride with her mind' with Mary Wanless. We find out what the best dressed wear for reining and Horse Hero's Fiona Price has a reining lesson. Plus behaviourst Sarah Fisher introduces a young horse to plastic and poles!

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  • Gems from the Dressage National Championships '09 including the story of Charlie Hutton's Freestyle debut, Nicola McGivern's Grand Prix boys, selector turned competitor Judy Harvey riding in the Kur, an interview with world renowned judge Stephen Clarke and Gemma Green competing in the Young Horse Champs'. Also, Sarah Fisher shows us how to ride without a bridle, we see two fabulous pieces on training reining horses with GB team member Doug Allen including the baby and the finished item, there's grid jumping with Italian eventer Susanna Bordone and Tai Chi basics with James Shaw and Horse Hero's Fiona Price as his guinea pig!

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  • Here you'll find competition footage as well as training, foal handling plus an insight into Trec, Polo and Mounted Games. At the National Dressage Champs' we filmed the stories of Maria Eilberg (defending National Champion), Stephanie Croxford (leading amateur) and Carl Hester (new National Champ') competing in the Kur. At the opposite equestrian extreme, we visited the Welsh Mounted Games Champs', a serious adult sport for adrenaline junkies only! Anna Ross Davies gives us two training sessions full of priceless wisdom and her trade mark humour and we work with Susanna Bordone (Italian silver medallist, European Eventing Champs '09).

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  • What a summer! Horse Hero had some funny moments filming with Sarah Fisher and her animals who love to express themselves, including a few scenes of a 'sexual nature'! Our first encounter with reining proved to be entertaining. Richard Waygood lost the plot during filming with the 2* Champs team and Horse Hero's Fiona Price, who has a brilliant memory in her interviews, has one bad flaw which continually trips her up (and is a standing joke with the crew) - her inability to remember names! Carl Hester has an allergic reaction, Hannah Biggs makes a slip with her foal and her lovely stallion Welstin (the foal's dad) sings us out with a tune!


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