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  • April's highlights contain priceless footage including three videos filmed behind the scenes at World Class Squad dressage training. There's a collection of pieces with National Dressage Champion, Maria Eilberg, who trains top horse Two Sox and stallion Rockstar, plus an interview and a video of Maria showing the management of her horses at home. Eventer Julie Tew works her Badminton partner, Sir Roselier, on the flat in two videos, providing a superb commentary on her preparation and execution of advanced moves. Plus there's vaulting, stable management, how to use a double bridle and guidance on a career with horses.

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  • A combination of some great training along with insight and entertainment! Dressage rider Gemma Green trains for Small Tour moves with the fabulous Fine Time, Laura Bechtolsheimer works on her new Kur with Alf and Cees Slings, event rider Julie Tew demonstrates an exercise for improving your horse's jumping technique and rider fitness trainer Jon Pitts shows what you can do on a horse to improve your stability. Interviews with Julie Tew, Cees Slings and race trainer Charlie Longsdon. Plus Laura Bechtolsheimer goes eventing and Horse Hero's Fiona Price tries vaulting after watching the amazing Eccles sisters. Plus more!

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  • If you missed any of the videos we published in February '09, here's a reminder of what's on the site. Gemma Green's amazing yard and her magnificent lorry both have that 'wow' factor, and she talks to us about her career. Horse Hero's Fiona Price learns how to bridge her reins and puts it to the test on the gallops. Laura Bechtolsheimer has a lesson (in German) on Mistral Hojris with Klaus Balkenhol and Dr B translates. Horse Hero celebrities offer words of wisdom and we learn how to plait a tail and trim heels. Plus you can find out how to get 'fussy eaters' to eat supplements, and what spurs to use when!
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  • Here is the finished ‘item’! Laura and her top ride, Olympic partner Mistral Hojris (Alf), have a lesson with Klaus Balkenhol who has come over from Germany to train her. The lesson is translated by Dr Bechtolsheimer, Laura's usual trainer. Alf knows all the moves and he gives what’s asked of him willingly, so Laura doesn’t spend too much time on any one thing. Instead the emphasis is on self-carriage, suppleness, expression and variety. Sit back and enjoy this. Laura and Alf are poetry to watch!


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