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  • There is no end to the talents of classical dressage trainer David Pincus. When filming with him he showed us one of his less known stars, Sally Shetland "who can do all the Grand Prix dressage moves with her eyes closed!" says David. Sally and her rider Kathryn demonstrate correct paces and "a horse that truly works over her back" he adds. Piaffe (with a touch of levade) is followed by the 'piece de resistance', Sally's training to join the US Cavalry!! (Free to watch)

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  • Young horses in eventing and dressage feature in this selection of clips, and younger riders too! Under 25 GP dressage rider Ryan Todd progresses the training of a youngster who is behind in his education and classical dressage trainer David Pincus works with Olivia Towers. GB Junior eventing team member Sam Ecroyd does a show jumping exercise with one of his up and coming stars, while fellow eventer Yasmin Ingham goes cross country schooling and European 2* Champs' gold medallist Franky Reid-Warrilow practises cross country jumping in an arena.

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  • Up and coming eventers and dressage riders feature in this selection of clips. GB Junior eventer and team bronze medallist Sam Ecroyd demonstrates his pre-competition jumping grid and European 2* Championships eventing gold medallist Franky Reid-Warillow introduces young American Paint horse Popeye to lateral work. Meanwhile, dressage rider Kate Cowell develops 'delicious' Delilah's self-carriage and Under 25 Grand Prix rider Ryan Todd shows us how he trains a spooky dressage mare. Lots of great ideas to try with your horse!

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  • 2015 European 2* Eventing Championships gold medallist Franky Reid-Warrilow trains 6 year American Paint horse Popeye on the flat and does gymnastic jumping with her 3* start horse Whisper. Fellow eventer Jeanette Brakewell trains amateur student Tess over a course of show jumps while World Class Squad member and Junior bronze team medallist Sam Ecroyd teaches his top horse Woody patience with his jumping. Dressage trainer Anna Brown trains GB Para team member Ricky Balshaw on her Inter I horse and she rides a big moving dressage pony. Plus dressage rider Kate Cowell trains Lesley and 'dangerous Dave' at Medium level.


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