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  • Family teams feature in this month's highlights. Leading dressage trainer Pammy Hutton helps daughter-in-law Abbi take on the challenge of tempi changes and canter pirouettes, while father and daughter team David and Lucy Pincus work on horse and rider 'talking the same language', as well as putting Lucy through her paces in sitting trot. Horse Hero's Fiona Price pays a visit to Samsara Equitation to find out how her endurance horse Taz is getting on with his leading edge therapy and Dan Greenwood works with student Rebecca and her talented dressage mare Lissy on establishing the right canter for pirouettes.

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  • Lessons mostly feature in this month's selection. 4* eventer Ros Canter works with trainer Caroline Moore on accuracy across country but in an arena setting, while Italian eventer Alberto Giugni teaches an aspiring show jumper on his own 1* mare, on the flat and over a course. Renowned dressage trainer Pammy Hutton teaches yard rider Davey on her 5 year old future Grand Prix prospect and, finally, behaviourist Will Hunt starts polo pony Pivot showing us what he does on day one. Lots to learn on Horse Hero, whatever your level of riding or aspirations!

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  • Some great two-part videos feature in this selection. Dressage trainer Dan Greenwood works with yard rider Ash on stepping up from Novice to Elementary and he explains what's expected at the two levels. Eventer Ginnie Turnbull trains the huge 4 yr old George on balance for dressage and she jumps a course with him, and Italian eventer Alberto Giugni prepares the talented Johnny on the flat before jumping some related distances. Behaviourist Will Hunt explains how to train a horse to stand still while being mounted and Horse Hero founder takes her endurance horse Taz for a leading edge therapy. There's lots to learn in this month's Highlights.

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  • Four year olds feature in this selection. Eventer Ginny Turnbull works with a wobbly youngster on the basic building blocks of his flat work and American positive reinforcement trainer Shawna Karrasch teaches an eventer to jump at liberty and under saddle using a clicker, assisted by his owner Lesley. 4* eventer Tom McEwen starts Roxy's cross country jumping training in a calm and systematic manner and classical dressage trainer Jenny Rolfe begins liberty work with the Iberian colt Gran Hostil. GB junior eventing team trainer Caroline Moore does water schooling with eventer Alex and Alberto Giugni give amateur dressage rider Kate a lesson on her native horse, also called Roxy!


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