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  • Ginnie Turnbull is a seasoned 4* campaigner and regular Burghley Horse Trials competitor. Fiona Price asks her about preparing to ride what is generally considered to be the toughest course in the eventing world. "You rarely get the most perfect preparation", says Ginnie. "Riders call it the curse of the Bs" (Badminton and Burghley)". She says, "everything that can go wrong, usually does, which can make the course seem intimidating." But the flip side is that you "ride out of your skin at Burghley". Ginny adds "it's essential to ride within your horse's comfort zone to give him confidence and for you to focus on what you normally do, not try to be someone else on the day!"

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  • Alex Postolowsky talks to Fiona Price about preparing for her second Burghley. She went clear across country in her debut in 2013 and won the best 'Burghley first timer' and 'best 4* first timer' awards. Alex explains how she turned her nerves into something positive by the time she's counted down in the start-box. "This year the pressure is different" she explains. "Last year, no-one had any expectations but having done it once, the expectation is on us going clear again and it's not like that" she adds. "There is absolutely no room for complacency". Alex explains what she is thinking about on multiple course walks and does a great job to finish clear again in 33rd place on Ginger.

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  • 4* eventer Louise Harwood talks to Horse Hero's Fiona Price at Burghley Horse Trials 2014 about her preparation for what's generally considered the toughest event in the world. A stalwart of Burghley with two home-breds Party Pickled and Bit of a Barney, Louise is remarkably cool about her preparation with newcomer Mr Potts. She worries more about the dressage than the cross country but says "there's no room for complacency, as the course doesn't allow for errors". Following a serious accident a number of years ago, Louise has competed at top level in considerable pain until a metal plate in her leg was removed this season. She talks to Fiona about the difference this had made. Louise finishes 12th overall.

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  • Young horses feature in this month's highlights, with eventer Ginnie Turnball giving Dash his first experience of show jumping while Alex Postolwsky takes Mary-Ellen cross country jumping for the first time. Dressage rider Shiwon Green demonstrates early work with stallion Frankie and trainer Diane Thurman-Baker works young dressage horse Zazu in hand with daughter Joanna. Dressage judge Julie Legg trains her daughter Beanie on the tricky Vinny and Shiwon Green shows her top horse Des in rehab' work following injury. In addition, classical dressage trainer Jenny Rolfe explains the importance of connection with her 20 year old Spanish stallion Delfin.


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